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Escrow Service
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Escrow-Service - is a financial intermediary that ensures the fulfillment of the agreed conditions on both sides of the network deal. An independent Escrow-Service does not pursue the interests of any of the parties. The transfer of money to the seller will be made after the fulfillment of all the previously agreed conditions.

Scheme of work with the Escrow-Service:

  1. The parties negotiate between themselves the terms of the deal;
  2. One of the parties of the deal must contact the Escrow-Service in personal messages on the forum, and send him the completed transaction form;
  3. The buyer transfers the agreed amount of the deal to the Guarantor's wallet;
  4. The guarantor confirms the receipt of funds to the Seller;
  5. The seller sends the goods to the Buyer;
  6. After Receiving the goods, the buyer evaluates the goods sent by the seller and reports the results to the Escrow-Service;
  7. The Escrow-Service, in case of a positive result on the part of the Buyer, transfers money to the Seller;
  8. If one of the parties is not satisfied with the results of the deal, a topic will be created in which the Arbitrator will clarify the case of dispute. After clarification, the arbitrator decides the dispute in favor of the Seller or the Buyer;

If within 3 months after the completion of the deal, the seller or buyer (provided that the transaction did not take place) does not withdraw funds from the Escrow-Service, the amount is transferred to the forum Administration.

Escrow service cost = 7% of the transaction amount.

For "Premium" users and "Checked sellers", the commission is 5%.

To transfer funds to Escrow-Service, please contact @Гарант-Сервис in personal messages using the following form:

Transaction form:
1) Seller nickname
2) Buyer nickname
3) Transaction amount
4) Conditions of the deal (Describe as specific as possible)
5) Terms of the deal
6) Indicate the party who pays for the Escrow-Serivices

7) Transaction currency - BTC

Transfers are accepted only in:

  • Bitcoin

Payment is made only in the same currency that was indicated in the transaction form.

Any communication with the Escrow-Service occurs only in private messages!