Arbitration Rules

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Arbitration registration:

The applicant creates a topic in ARBITRATION, be sure to indicate:

In the title of the topic:

[Arbitration] name of the respondent and the desired ARBITRATOR.
For example "[Arbitration] NICK OF ANSWERER, arbitrator NICK OF ARBITRATOR"

In the text:

  1. It is necessary to indicate the nickname of the defendant and also a link to his profile on the forum, if there is no profile on the forum, you must indicate all known contacts of the defendant;
  2. A detailed description of the essence of the dispute;
  3. You must indicate the amount of monetary claims against the defendant;
  4. Specify the type of ARBITRATION (public / private);
  5. Indicate the availability of arbitration fee benefits. For example, "The transaction was paid through a Escrow-Service on a certain date";
  6. Indicate the desired ARBITRATOR;

Following actions:

  • You should contact the forum's Escrow-Serivce and give them a link to the arbitration, as well as:
  • Ask him to confirm the fee payment benefitif if the transaction was conducted through him;
  • Contact the selected arbitrator and give them a link to the Arbitration;
  • If there is no benefit, pay the arbitration fee to the ARBITRATOR in the required amount.
  • If there is a benefit, payment is made after the presence of the benefit is confirmed by the Escrow-Service;
  • You must contact the Respondent at all known contacts and give him a link to the Arbitration;
  • If the arbitration falls under the fee, but the applicant does not pay the fee to the arbitrator within 3 days from the date of applying to the ARBITRATION (except for certain agreements), the selected ARBITRATOR shall terminate (close) ARBITRATION without consideration.
  • A repeated application for ARBITRATION between the same parties in the same dispute is accepted under the same conditions without any exceptions;
  • The ARBITRATOR shall notify the arbitral TRIBUNAL of his / her consent to accept the ARBITRATION or of his / her recusal in favor of the other ARBITRATOR. If challenged by the Respondent, the ARBITRATOR shall communicate its decision to review the ARBITRATION on its own or with the involvement of another ARBITRATOR;
  • If the ARBITRATOR fails to comply with his / her obligations to conduct the ARBITRATION for a period of more than 3 days without valid reasons, any of the parties to the ARBITRATION shall have the right to elect a new ARBITRATOR for consideration of the said ARBITRATION. This party shall notify the chosen ARBITRATOR of the decision in the ARBITRATION and via contacts. After that the review begins from the beginning with a new ARBITRATOR;
  • If the Respondent does not appear in the ARBITRATION, the ARBITRATOR will contact them using all known contacts to bring them to ARBITRATION;
  • Refusal or evasion of the Respondent from participation in the ARBITRATION for a period of more than 3 days entails consideration of the ARBITRATION without its participation with consideration of evidence only on the part of the applicant. This refusal or evasion does not affect the Respondent's right to appeal the ARBITRATION decision to the second (appeal) instance;
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