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Beginners in carding very often knock and ask for advice on this issue, so I decided to give this time.
I'll start with the fact that nothing is possible and there is no such service is real. But try to answer the simple question " WHY?". Let's say that I have dumps with pins of any country (not the essence of Coca). WHY do I need to write them down on the plastic and at least shoot at least a rough location?! WHY would I waste time sending you recorded maps?! WHY would I sell for$ 300 (the average price of such sellers) a card with which I can get more?! I agree if you take into account the zazhravshest and the huge volume of the seller, then you can understand the sale of say 1000 dumps for $150 and not to hammer your head with cash and so on. BUT this is only the case if I sell the whole base, or large parts of it and if the base does not have a range. Otherwise selling for 1-3 cards and I will end up going to fucking flip if 3 cards will be valid 1. You same on me bleki scribble chase not stopping. Okay then, WHY do I need to place this advertising on the forums (even private) and tembolee on notice boards is a pale and a call to come to me, the crowd of students to shovel?! Why the fuck do I square wheels)))
I simply can go on ANY of forums where sits crowd hungry nalschikov, which MSR'y roofing felts inherited inherited, roofing felts distributed their where, the or still somehow the way their nakovyryali, and turn to them, give 1-3 dump on cash, say that want not less 300$ with dump, you bring more regulation receive the entire material. And you at night sleep not Wake only would I in You not doubted, You'll work, as clock-received, made,authorized. In thereafter of course start naebyvat, but this not substantially, You always Wake know measure and I will receive would still more 300$. And I do not have to wait when the parcel comes with cards, for example, from Moscow to some Magadan, I gave dumps, and after 4-8 hours received the money and again gave the material for the work.
I worked on cash, but always people knocked to me, asked questions-how many%, what volume you can take, how much time you need, how you will transfer money. Gave on trial and began to work. And not any guarantors, nor any remittances on WU and camping on p. (in the form of prepayment), nor any reviews in themes. The FUCK this all need to? A guarantor can throw any party, with the patronage and MTSN AMI also muddied the mountain, and why write reviews? for chikistov!?
In General that's how I see it as sellersto dumps with pins at the ready pastime.
But there are always as many opinions as there are people
All the best in the endeavors and learn from other people's mistakes, because most beginners knock and start with the phrase I was thrown for money, I bought dumps with pins.... there are also those who lie without shame from the very beginning, they say they worked on cash, cards were sent to them by mail, they ordered them almost in social networks, the latter just send to fuck.
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